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Tim & Layne Lessard are the proud owners of Perpetual Bloom.

 More About Layne:  Over the last decade, I have developed quite a passion for the industry. While earning my BS in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine, Portland, I got a job working for a local landscaping company.  I’ve always had a love for nature and found the work extremely rewarding.  I enjoyed the wide variety of tasks performed every day, as well as the daunting challenge of recognizing every plant I came in contact with.  After a year with a large landscaping company, an amazing opportunity to garden for a local estate presented itself, and I gladly accepted.

It was here that I realized my true love for gardening, and decided to make it my career.  In 2010, after five years of gardening independently, I decided to officially start Perpetual Bloom Gardening Services L.L.C., and I haven’t looked back.  Along the way I have gained experience in many aspects of the green industry including interior plant design, herbal medicine, soil science, floral design, container gardening, permaculture, vegetable gardening, and edible landscape design.  I am a Master Gardener registered in Cumberland County and am also Reiki II certified.

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More About Tim:  I started my career in high school working for my family’s landscaping business.  Shortly after graduating I decided to move to Boulder, Colorado and got a job working as an arborist for Boulder Tree Company.  There, I worked very closely with the president of the National Arborist Society who taught me tree pruning, removal, forestry management, fire mitigation, and pest quarantining.

Missing the coast of Maine, friends, and family, I eventually moved back to lead a tree and shrub division, of a large New England pest control company, for ten years.  I learned a lot about Integrated Pest Management while there, but my creative side felt unsatisfied.  In 2012, Layne and I joined forces as the owners of Perpetual Bloom L.L.C., I couldn’t be happier.  

Once again, thank you, and we appreciate all your support.